Droplets from the Sky (2)

You looked like you are wishing to the sky... to let the rain fall... and to let the rain be one with your tears. Argh! How can I concentrate when the Mirai-kun is my classmate? I went to our classroom and sat on my seat, thankfully, our other classmates didn't notice something different from me. … Continue reading Droplets from the Sky (2)


The Seaside Story: 7th wave

She’s not here. Where could that little girl be? I decided to roam around. She never said her name and where she lives but, if I can describe her features to others, they would probably know her. “Excuse me.” I went inside a small store near the beach.  There was an old man who sits … Continue reading The Seaside Story: 7th wave

Ang Alamat ng Isang Mahikero: Kabanata 10

Kabanata 10: Sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon… Narasyon: Nagsimula na ang paligsahan ng palakasan sa bayang walang pangalan 2. Ang unang makakalaban ni Zephyr ay nagngangalang Zuwavit na mukhang kalahating tao at kalahating butiki. Lugar: Entablado para sa paligsahan Eksena: Magkaharap si Zephyr at Zuwavit. Simula na ng labanan ngunit nagagawa pa nilang mag-usap. Zephyr: Hindi ko nabasa … Continue reading Ang Alamat ng Isang Mahikero: Kabanata 10


The SeasideStory: 6th wave

Finally, the management could again watch our backs. Domz’ family went back to our country, something happened I guess. We never had the time to catch up with each other aside from the times we have work. Everybody is busy with some things.  I, too, had something to attend to.  “You’re early.” I said to … Continue reading The SeasideStory: 6th wave


Banner for DAKILA

Hi! I finally received the banner for Dakila! My sister is an artist and I asked her to draw for my new story and today, I received the banner. It's a simple banner since I like the drawings to be simple too. 🙂 I hope you'll like it! Please visit her FB page at: Paper Sweets … Continue reading Banner for DAKILA