The SeasideStory: 6th wave

Finally, the management could again watch our backs. Domz’ family went back to our country, something happened I guess. We never had the time to catch up with each other aside from the times we have work. Everybody is busy with some things.

 I, too, had something to attend to.

 “You’re early.”

I said to the familiar figure sitting again in my usual spot.

 “You’re earlier than you should be.”

It was an afternoon when I decided to go back to the beach. I saw her there, quietly sitting and watching the sea.

“Finally have an autographed CD, huh?”

“I managed to sneak out.”

 “What? You didn’t tell your parents?”

She chuckled. I felt relieved for a moment. This girl can also laugh, huh?

“They won’t really allow me.”

“What made you decide to come and see us live?”

“Because I got worried that you weren’t coming here anymore. I thought, I might have said something.”

And here she’s worried about me when we weren’t that close.

 “Something happened at the agency.”

“That’s a relief.”

“Do you know my schedule that you got worried when I didn’t come here? Even I, myself, don’t know how often I visit this place. I don’t have a permanent schedule of coming here.”

“You really don’t.”

“Then, why did you—-”

“But lately, the times you visit became so often that I got worried when you suddenly stopped coming. I watched the news and nothing happened to you so I wondered if I might have said something to piss you off.”

I often hear a lot of people saying that girls can’t really be true to themselves. I always wonder if that’s true. Base on my experience, the girl I know has reasons why she can’t be honest to herself or to anybody around her. But this little girl in front of me, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. It doesn’t bother me. Although sometimes, she hits some spots, I am always relieved to know what she’s thinking. I don’t have to pretend or to guess that I know it or even to shake things off. I just have to listen to her.

It did put a smile on my face knowing she’s like that.

“That suits you.”

I looked at her only to find out that she’s smiling at me. Then, she turned away to look at the sea but her smile didn’t fade. It was a different smile from before. It was refreshing.

“By the way, I won’t be coming next week. Just a heads up so you won’t worry anymore.”


 “Nathan! Emergency! I need your bike!”



“Bring it back tomorrow at work.”

“YES! THANK YOU! By the way, get rid of that kind of face.”

What face? I lend him my bike because I did not need it today since I won’t be coming to the beach. I just want some time alone.


“It’s rare to see you hang out here when we don’t have work.”

I was alone inside our band’s room when manager went to get some papers. I thought that because we don’t have any work, I can be alone in our room at the agency but I guess, it was a wrong move.

“What about you manager?”

“I do have some stuff to do aside from babysitting you guys.”

 “We’re actually good boys and if you have to babysit someone… it’s just Domz.”

“Nah. You, too, have something on your mind. Just make sure it doesn’t bother your work or else you won’t be enjoying your breaks anymore.”

Am I bothered about something? Does it show on my face?


“You’re not that good at hiding it.”

“What exactly are you guys doing here?”

I went to an emergency exit of our agency to have some air when Jamil and Ryo showed up with some beer on their hands.

 “Oi you aren’t allowed to drink those things yet.”

“It’s not for us. It’s for you”, that’s what Jamil said.

 “And I don’t like the taste of beer”, Ryo added.


I have told you that we don’t have work yet these guys showed up and started a conversation about me.

“We ought to leave you behind and wait until you tell us yourself but dude, what’s wrong?”

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re not really good at hiding it from us, but maybe from fans, you’re doing pretty good.”

Is something off today? Did I miss out on anything?

“It’s been 2… no, 4 years, right?”

“I think it’s 3.”

These guys thought that I am still holding onto it? Has it been that long? I lost count of the days.

“I can’t remember. Perhaps, I don’t want to remember.”

“Won’t you really stop going to that beach?”


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