The Seaside Story: 7th wave

She’s not here. Where could that little girl be?

I decided to roam around. She never said her name and where she lives but, if I can describe her features to others, they would probably know her.

“Excuse me.”

I went inside a small store near the beach.  There was an old man who sits there while he was watching over the store.

“What do you need?”

“I’m actually looking for a little girl.”

“You look too young to have a child. What does she look like? I haven’t seen any kid in this neighborhood today.”

“She’s not my child.”

I described her to the old man and thankfully he knows her.

“You’re talking about Alex. But she’s not a little girl. She’s already 20… wait, I think 21. Anyway, she’s not residing in our neighborhood but try the nearest hospital. She’s staying there.”


“What a bothersome guy you are. Just go straight to the nearest hospital.”

As much as I wanted to see that girl, the hospital is a no good place for me specifically the hospital in this area. I went outside wondering if I should go or not. I didn’t know that the old man followed me outside his store.

“Well, are you visiting her or not?”

“I’m not really sure. I don’t like that hospital.”

“What? You’re scared of hospitals? Youngsters these days are just too bothersome.”

“Uhmm… That’s not really—.”

“But perhaps it may be really difficult for you to see her and for her to see you. She didn’t tell you anything so she doesn’t want you to know… well, probably?”

“Thanks for the information. I better go home right now. If she didn’t tell me anything about this hospital, I shouldn’t really trouble her.”

“An advice for you, young man, they say that a journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step. It takes courage to make that step but you wouldn’t know what journey it’ll be if you don’t make it. And for you, it means that you should go visit her!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite—-”

“That girl… she has been fighting for her life. I think it’s best if you should really visit her soon.”

What is he talking about? Fighting for her life? That girl is sick? I chuckled with sarcasm at things that this world has for me. In the same hospital? What kind of fate is this?


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