Beyond Those Eyes (BOOK 1)

The Blindfolded Young Girl A little girl in the midst of a flower field, her black hair and white dress flutters with the wind, stares up at the big blue sky. A young girl in the midst of a fire, her body and tattered clothes dirtied with black smoke, stares up at the starry sky. … Continue reading Beyond Those Eyes (BOOK 1)


Ceres: 15

“Father!” “Beatrice? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at your school?” Dotrald was currently walking outside one of the halls of their household. They just held a meeting about one of the kingdom’s borders and some gang causing ruckus in some towns and cities which were part of the territories he … Continue reading Ceres: 15

Ceres: 14

Inside Ceres’ room, she was sitting cross-legged in her bed with her eyes closed. She was channeling the spiritual essences in her surroundings into her body. This is pretty much what she does when she meditates. It seems like the internal energy she circulates is the spirit essence of this world. The only difference is … Continue reading Ceres: 14

Ceres: 13

“I’ll do it. I swear to the heavens that I will not involve Old Pang in any trouble or conflict that concerns me after he helps me with my spiritual body… Is that okay?” “Missy, you don’t know how this works, right? Well, as long as you understand, I think you’ll see through that oath.” … Continue reading Ceres: 13

Ceres: 10

One night when Ceres and the Time Mage were eating dinner in the middle of a forest… “Old man. Your magic attribute is time, right?” “Yeah. I have skills regarding the control of time. This is a very, very, very, VERY rare attribute. Now you can see why my name would be widely known. Thank … Continue reading Ceres: 10

Ceres: 9

“What did you say?” The Emperor visiting the residence of the Ellion family is already a big ruckus in the kingdom considering that there is still an on-going political struggle between the princes. And right now, Dotrald said something that made the Emperor lose even more of his composure. “I will not agree to such … Continue reading Ceres: 9

Ceres: 8

The old man coughed twice. “The spiritual body is as important as our physical bodies. I really wander who taught you in your younger years? Did they not tell you about such things? How can you damage something important to this extent?” Seeing Ceres is still not interested to answer any of his questions regarding … Continue reading Ceres: 8

Ceres: 7

“Time mage?” Ceres looked into her memories but she cannot find anything about a Time Mage. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of it?” “No.” “This poor soul. Where were you raised? How cruel is the place you came from to not have heard of my famous nickname?” Ceres was about to leave again when … Continue reading Ceres: 7