Ceres: 40

Right after passing through the tree, Ceres saw another forest. The only difference between this forest and the one outside the school is that there is a clear stone path leading towards the school’s main area.

Old Na and Ceres didn’t talk much along the way. Old Na explained some things about the school to Ceres but not that much.

At the end of the stone path lies a big stone arc with the words ‘Soaring Dragon’ engraved above it. Just by looking at the words in the arc, one can feel some kind of energy being emitted from it. Right after they passed through the stone arc, there was a reception area beside the arc. It was only a small stone house with a large open window and a person inside was sitting and leisurely reading something. Old Na went towards that person.

While Old Na was talking to the person in the reception area, Ceres kept on looking around. She saw that up ahead were stone buildings of different sizes and that there are people wearing the same type of clothing with the insignia of Soaring Dragon. It looked like a small city with not much going on inside but still, a number of people can be seen. Some are walking, running, riding horses or some kind of beasts while some are even riding flying swords. She was really amazed with this fantasy type world.

So this is a school… Ceres thought. She wanted to walk around but Old Na told her that she can’t randomly stroll inside because Black Dragon can sense everyone when they enter the school grounds.

“Reading? Really? It seems like you have a lot of free time.”

The person inside the reception area immediately put down the book he was reading and gave a hearty laugh. He appeared as a man in his 50s or 60s with short white hair but of clean cut and with a white moustache that isn’t long and thick. Moreover, he was wearing a plain white shirt with the Soaring Dragon insignia on its right chest area and is tucked inside his black trousers with a brown leather belt. Though he appeared to be an old man, he has a bulky stature and a faint grand aura. He didn’t look like an ordinary old man at all.

“Do you want me to respectfully bow to you and make you feel so old or we’ll just treat each other like good old friends?”

The person didn’t stand up and was only grinning while looking at Old Na.

“I thought that you have progressed with your training but looking at your appearance, it seems like you only aged.”

Old Na can’t help but shake his head. If this is teasing the old man in front of him or not, only they can know.

“Anyway, what brings you here? Are you seeking trouble or what?”

“So, even the Black Dragon thinks that way. No wonder that junior of yours lacks respect for his elders.”

The old man talking to Old Na and is leisurely sitting in the reception area is actually Black Dragon. He is the ancestor of Soaring Dragon that Old Na talked about. Even though he is currently outside his chambers, nobody seems to notice it. It seems like only a few people knew how the ancestor looks like.

“You know that if you appeared here and others noticed it or get news of it, it’s not only you who will suffer but also our school. Don’t make it hard for our school. Also, who would have thought that you would barge in here without notice at all? He doesn’t even know how you look like! You’re a damn old man who lived for who-knows how many decades. Do you expect the younger generation to even recognize you?”

“Well, I can only say that your barrier is lacking.”


Black Dragon immediately stood up and looked like he wanted to punch Old Na but stopped himself from doing so.

“Okay, okay. Calm down, Black Dragon. I just couldn’t reach you through the sound transmission so how do you expect me to contact you? I can’t also openly tell your juniors that, ‘Hey! I’m Black Dragon’s acquaintance. Let me in’, right?”

Black Dragon didn’t say anything but instead suddenly appeared beside Old Na. He placed his hands across his chest and only asked again why Old Na wanted to talk to him.

Old Na coughed twice and then called Ceres for her to come and stand beside him. Ceres respectfully bowed to the old man in front of her knowing that this person is not simple at all to be talking like that to Old Na. Old Na then placed his hands on Ceres’ shoulders and with all smiles introduced her to Black Dragon.

“This is someone who has a brother in your school and wanted to talk to that brother. I only wanted to help this person and wishes for you to help, too.”

As soon as Black Dragon heard those words, his brows creased and one can see black lines in his forehead appearing.

“Are you f*cking kidding me?”

Ceres looked at the old man in front of him and based on what Old Na said, she already knew that this old man is Black Dragon. Even though Black Dragon is somewhat angry, he didn’t release any form of aura to pressure Ceres and Old Na. He was plainly angry.

“Tsk. Even though I’m telling the truth, you won’t still believe it, huh?”

Black Dragon wanted to probe Ceres but seeing how Old Na is close to her, Black Dragon didn’t do it. He only kept on staring at Ceres as if examining her from head to toe and skin to soul.

“Just tell the truth. This involves a student of ours so I still have to judge whether to grant your request or not. It’s not simple when you know that you do attract trouble, right?”

Old Na sighed and Ceres was only looking at him and then looked back at Black Dragon. Then, Old Na spread his spiritual essence to block anyone from hearing what he will say.

“This is my disciple. Before we proceed to her training, she requested to meet with her brother and let him know she’s safe. That’s all. Her brother is one of the students here which is coincidentally, a student of that headmaster of yours.”

When Black Dragon heard the word ‘disciple’ from Old Na’s mouth, he blanked out. The rest of the things that Old Na said didn’t even register in his brain.

Old Na is the Time Mage, a rare magician who lived for who knows how long and can greatly affect the world. Having one of him is already a headache and now, he is presenting a disciple of his. Even if this disciple appears to be ordinary looking, just having the title of ‘Old Na’s disciple’ is already out of the ordinary!

This young lady… What kind of abilities does she even have for her to become Old Na’s disciple?  Don’t tell me it’s another rare attribute?!, Black Dragon thought.

“He really blanked out.”

Old Na said before sighing once again.

After a few seconds of silence, Black Dragon was able to get out of his confusion.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. I can’t seem to remember. Did you just say, ‘disciple’? Hahaha! I’m dreaming, right? To think that you would get a disciple? That’s probably the lamest joke I have ever heard in my entire life. Hahahahahaha!”

But Black Dragon’s laugh was so stiff and fake. He clearly couldn’t believe that Old Na would get a disciple. He once remembered him saying that he wouldn’t be able to get a disciple or pass on his knowledge to anyone in this world. That’s mainly because there was no one suitable to become his disciple and inherit his knowledge of the time attribute. But, just at this moment, Old Na blurted out the phrase ‘my disciple’. If this is not a joke then, this could only be a dream.

“Would I be joking with something like this? Tsk. Just hurry up and lead us to your place unless you want other people knowing about this?”

Hearing those words, Black Dragon woke up and didn’t linger any longer. He immediately brought Old Na and Ceres to his own courtyard. -tbc

A/N: Supposedly, I would end posting at chapter38 because the rest of the story were stored in my laptop instead of the flash drive. But, I do think that I have to keep my track of posting five chapters once I go online so tada~!


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