Ceres: 41

“You’re crazy! Why did you take in a disciple? What will you impart with her anyway? Are you getting tired of living alone and decided to just randomly take a disciple? B*llsh*t! Or are you really trying to get on my nerves?”

The three are currently inside Black Dragon’s courtyard. They are all sitting around a table discussing things while drinking Old Na’s tea. Black Dragon didn’t even offer anything to them at all because until now, he was still stupefied.

“Calm down. You should really lessen drinking alcohol and drink tea instead.”

Old Na and Ceres are both drinking their tea whereas Black Dragon can’t seem to calm down and kept on looking at random things.

“How do you expect me to calm down? Are you saying you got yourself a disciple with the same attribute? Hah! Don’t f*ck with me! This is not something that should be taken so lightly! Once a rare attribute shows up, we all know how big of an event that is! And now, you’re saying that someone with the same attribute like yours has surfaced? Do you even know how those people will react to this?! You are insane! You want to drag our school into this?! Can’t you just quietly do your own thing? I’d be grateful for you if you visited for old time’s sake but to request something from our school, that’s f*cking asking us to get ganged up by those people!”

Old Na put down his tea cup and started talking seriously. He was enjoying the moment where Black Dragon is panicking and just blurting out words after words. But since he remembered that this isn’t the time to be idling, he started to get serious.

“I didn’t come here to cause trouble. That’s why I’m only saying this to you and asking you to keep this a secret. I only want you to allow my disciple to meet with her brother. That’s all. You know how rare attributes have to live their life, right? This one is still so young and she only has her brother as family. At any rate, we will immediately leave after that. If you really can’t allow the two of them to meet, at least allow her to leave a message to her brother.”

Black Dragon placed one of his hands on the table and started tapping the table while his other hand is massaging his temples. After a while, he started speaking again.

“In the end… This girl has the same attribute as you?”

“I can’t tell you that but what I can tell you is that she is a rare attribute that must hide her identity at all cost.”

By what Old Na says, Black Dragon figured out that either Ceres’ attribute is much more powerful than Old Na or that someone is already tracking her down.

“Don’t tell me that someone is tracking her? What family does she belong to?”

Old Na didn’t want to reveal to Black Dragon everything and also, he didn’t want Ceres to know that he already met with the mysterious person.

“Can you first tell me if you can allow her to meet her brother?”

Black Dragon, of course, knew that something was off and Old Na can’t say some things in front of Ceres.

“I’ll call the headmaster because he already knew you’re looking for his disciple. Don’t worry. That person will keep this thing a secret. He knows your identity and knows how to protect our school.”

After that, Black Dragon sent a message through telepathy to Ryujin and he immediately looked for Cerbous before going to the ancestor’s place. Because Ryujin already knew about Old Na’s arrival, he knew that Black Dragon only looked for Cerbous because of the Time Mage.

Ryujin went to Cerbous’ courtyard. One must know that because the Soaring Dragon has a large school grounds, the students have their own houses. However, these houses are still base on rankings and because Cerbous is one of their top students, he has his own courtyard.

When Ryujin went to look for Cerbous, the latter already sensed someone in his courtyard and knew that it was his master. He went out of his room to greet Ryujin.


Cerbous respectfully bowed to Ryujin in which the latter felt satisfied and nodded in turn.

“How’s your training?”

“I’m still pondering about some of the things I got from the Mythical Sword Pavilion. I need to digest them first and maybe, I’ll finally become one with my sword.”

Cerbous clenched his fist and one can see the determination in his eyes.

This student only wants to be stronger, is what Ryujin thought. He then, closed his eyes for a second and immediately brushed off the idea in his mind.

“The ancestor is looking for you. Come with me. Make sure not to offend the ancestor and also, I’ll try to ask the ancestor if he could impart some pointers to you.”

Cerbous was startled but it soon disappeared from his face. He didn’t know why the ancestor suddenly asked for him. Everyone in the school knows that the ancestor doesn’t really show up in front of the students and meet other people, even the elders. What people only knew of the ancestor are the basic things and that one story wherein someone was given pointers by the ancestor and that person soared in his cultivation becoming one of the strongest magic warriors in history.

“Are you excited to meet the ancestor? If he can teach you, you may really become the strongest youth in this generation.”

“Not really, teacher. If I’m given some pointers, I’d be grateful but if not then, that’s it. I’m only curious why the ancestor would want to meet me.”

Cerbous’ answer didn’t surprise Ryujin. However, Ryujin is really worried about the path of Cerbous. Is he really someone who doesn’t have other things in his eyes except for cultivating?

Old Na and Black Dragon talked about other things while waiting for Ryujin and Cerbous. Of course, those are only reminiscing the past or about their other companions. Ceres remained sitting with them and drinking her tea.

All of a sudden, Black Dragon changed the topic. He looked at Ceres and then, at Old Na.

“I will let your disciple meet with her brother but, make sure that all of this are kept a secret.”

Through the telepathy between Black Dragon and Ryujin, the former learned that Cerbous’ background is that of the Winsterein kingdom military forces. He then knew that Old Na purposely lied when he said that Ceres’ only family is Cerbous. Although he wanted to get angry once again, he knew there must be other things in this as well.

Old Na looked at Ceres and the latter saw that Old Na wanted her to say something.

Ceres stood up and respectfully bowed to Black Dragon to thank him. At the same time, she said,

“I will not implicate Soaring Dragon in any matters regarding my identity and attribute. I only want to meet my brother and tell him that I’ll be gone for a long time.”

Black Dragon didn’t respond to Ceres and only said ‘you may enter’. After which, there were two people who emerged from the door and immediately kneeled as a show of respect to the ancestor. These were Ryujin and Cerbous.

“Ryujin Castern, current headmaster of Soaring Dragon, pays respect to the ancestor.”

“Cerbous, student of Soaring Dragon and disciple of the current headmaster Ryujin, pays respect to the ancestor.”

As soon as Ceres saw the familiar figure, her hands trembled. This person is my… brother. -tbc


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