Ceres: 43

When the young Cerbous went with his master to Soaring Dragon, that was the start of when Ceres was all alone by herself. She had no one to call family in the Ellion household. Although Arcyl doesn’t make things difficult for her, he also didn’t bother that much with what is happening inside the house. Ceres was always bullied and she mostly stayed inside her courtyard reading books. She doesn’t even have any helpers beside her. She had to do everything on her own and she didn’t ask help from anyone. She was struggling by her own but she stayed strong.

Wiping her eyes, forcing her tears to not fall, she quietly says,

“For mother and father… And for big brother to not worry… I must stay… Strong.”

She lifted her head and stared at the red orange sky.

“I’m not alone. Big brother will surely return.”

And then, she tended to her wounds all by herself.

Why are these memories suddenly showing up in her mind?

When Ceres asked Old Na to let her meet Cerbous, she was only thinking of not making that person worry. Based on the memories of Ceres, she knew that the siblings treasured each other even though they’re apart. If only she knew that her heart would hurt as soon as she saw Cerbous, she wouldn’t have met with him and instead, only passed on a message.

This feeling… is it even Ceres’ or is it mine?

Cerbous stopped from walking. He was in front of Ceres. Even though Ceres only wanted to say her farewell, she can’t seem to say them right away.

Cerbous turned around and faced Ceres. His eyes looked like a half moon but Ceres can see that it wasn’t really smiling.

“How are you? How’s the family? Why… Did you come here?”

“Big brother, can we sit over there?”

Ceres pointed to a large rock a few steps away from their spot. The view from the rock was overlooking the lake.

The siblings went and sat on the said rock. Even though Ceres’ eyes were staring ahead, she can feel that Cerbous’ eyes were on her.

“…Did something happen?”

It was Cerbous who broke the silence between them. He felt a surge of mixed emotions seeing her beloved sister beside him.

“Do you want to stay here with me?”

Ceres looked at Cerbous and her eyes were also filled with mixed emotions.

“I became one of the top students in this academy. I can at least ask my master to let you stay if it’s really hard at the mansion.”

But both of them knew that it wouldn’t be a success. Soaring Dragon is a school that is not connected to any kingdom. When a person gets admitted into the school, he will become a person of that school and will let go of his connection to any outside force. Everyone knows that the students can’t freely take in people into the school. Moreover, Ellion family holds the highest military force of Winsterein kingdom. Ceres is still part of that family. If Cerbous takes in Ceres, it will be viewed as Soaring Dragon favoring Ellion family and Winsterein kingdom. It is against the rules.

Cerbous, even though a top student and even if he becomes the number one student, is still held by the school’s rules. His freedom is limited.

The only way for him to take care of Ceres is after he graduates; when he gets much more freedom than what he has right now. He will definitely take away Ceres and let her live far from that mansion.

“Big brother, do you trust me?”

Cerbous is puzzled with Ceres’ question.

“Would you believe in my words or the words of others?”

“I don’t understand.”

“I want you to listen to what I’m going to tell you and promise me that you will believe me no matter what. Can you do that?”

“More than anyone, I will always believe in my little sister. You know that.”

Ceres smiled but her smile, even though genuine, contains a hint of sadness.

“Ceres already died.”

Hearing those words, Cerbous was stunned. What is she talking about when his little sister was right in front of him?

She was really telling the truth. Cerbous’ little sister is already gone. But, there is another in front of him. It seems like a joke but, this joke really hurts Ceres. She planned to take revenge for the previous Ceres but she never knew that even with just Ceres’ memories, she will still feel her emotions… Or are these hers?

Ceres is beginning to get confused but the overwhelming emotion she’s feeling right now is sorrow.

“I was killed by someone and everybody in the mansion thinks that I’m dead.”

Cerbous’ eyes, from being stunned, became filled with killing intent.

“Who did this?”

“I honestly don’t know. But, big brother need not think about this that much. This revenge… I will pay this by a hundredfold… With my own hands.”

Do you expect me to just stand here and do nothing? All this time, I was trying to become strong to protect you but right now, you’re telling me that I just failed. How can I even properly face you?

Cerbous closed his eyes and his fists were tightly clenched. He was trying to suppress the negative emotions that he’s currently feeling right now. But, it seems like he can’t. His aura and spiritual essences are not stable and are surging out of his body.

The Cerbous who, in front of other people represents a strong person that only wants to get even stronger, is currently portraying someone who is vulnerable, helpless, and weak.

Ceres gently held Cerbous’ fists. This made Cerbous slowly open his eyes. His eyebrows were furrowed.

“I know that you are doing everything for Ceres. You haven’t failed Ceres, big brother. Please, calm down.”

“But… I wasn’t by your side. I… If I didn’t leave you, this wouldn’t have happened. This… How can I even—”

“If you feel guilty, just remain here and continue training. Release that guilt, anger, and disappointment in your heart. It would be detrimental to your training. If you can do this, Ceres will be happy.”

Even before, the one who appears to be stronger between these siblings is always Ceres and he knew this, all this time. -tbc


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