Ceres: 44

Out of a sudden, Cerbous felt his heart calm down. Along with this, his emotions and spirit essences became stable.

His little sister is really the only one he treasures in this world and the only one who can easily affect him. Both of them knew about this.

Ceres didn’t want to affect Cerbous’ training and mental state. That is also the reason why she wanted him to remain in this school and never do anything about her situation.

Moreover, Ceres may also be used against Cerbous in the future. She was calculating everything that may happen.

“It is better for me to remain dead. I need to hide from them and learn about everything without anyone knowing.”

Cerbous only listened to her words.

“There is one more thing; I will train to become strong. In the future, you won’t need to worry about me that much. I will be able to protect myself.”

“Wait. You…”

“I can now practice and train with magic. My master helped me. But until I’m not strong enough, my master won’t let me do things on my own.”

Well, this isn’t exactly true. When Ceres want to do something, maybe even old Na won’t be able to stop her at all.

“But, big brother, you need to help me.”

“How can I help? Just tell me and big brother will do what you want.”

Cerbous, this time, was able to smile a little. Every big brother do have those kinds of times… When there little sister depends on them, it just makes them happy.

“You have something that you need to tell me, right?”

Ceres’ eyes were serious.

Cerbous breathe deeply and he looked and held Ceres’ hands. After a few seconds of feeling troubled, he finally let go of those hands. Maybe, it really is the time to tell her.

“You are still young. I thought that until I can come back for you, I would never have to tell you anything. Can you at least tell me, how you figured this out?”

“It’s because I was killed. I don’t even know who wanted to harm me. Mother died when I was born while both father and you are exceptional. Then, father already died and you are protected by Soaring Dragon. Even though the Ellion family does have a lot of enemies, who would still harm me to the point of killing me if I’m just a trash who can’t even practice magic? I just thought that maybe, you were hiding something from me.”

Ceres was only guessing about all of these. She still doesn’t have any memories about their parents and a lot more were still missing.

Old Na told her that Ceres’ spiritual body was damaged even before she took the test for magic attribute. Then, why was it damaged? Who did it? Why can’t she remember it and why does it seem like the others are also not aware of this? Except for her brother who left for Soaring Dragon, there was no one close to Ceres who could actually answer her questions. In addition, why would someone kill Ceres if she is the renowned noble trash girl? There was nothing special about her except for her background. She was ignored and bullied in the Ellion family so it’s out of the options. Also, the current Ceres figured that it was also unrelated to Cerbous. Why would someone wait years just to kill Ceres? Why not kill her the moment Cerbous got into Soaring Dragon? Is that person not scared of causing Cerbous to get stronger when Ceres was killed? Or why not use that scenario to cause harm to Cerbous’ training by announcing the news of her death?

In short, it all comes down to either Ceres or some sort of secret about their parents. If such information was included in the missing memories, she could only rely on asking someone close to Ceres.

Based on Ceres’ memories, the family relatives rarely talk about her parents; particularly of Ceraph’s death, Ceres’ father. Ceraph was the Ellion’s pride, why is it rare for the family members to talk about such hero? As such, Ceres concluded that there was something amiss with it. The only way she can know is through Cerbous. And, she concluded that Cerbous really knew something because why would he become so eager to get strong with just only Ceres’ as a motivation? Even though they are siblings, he must know that the Ellion family would not harm Ceres to the point of killing her.

“Big brother, why do you truly want to protect Ceres?”

With Ceres’ gaze, Cerbous felt helpless.

He always knew that this day would come but he never knew that it would be this early.

Ceres was indeed different. She can understand everything so easily. Yet, she also never knew why. Or perhaps, she already knew but she hid it from her brother. Though, the latter idea was soon brushed off because seeing Ceres right now, made him feel like she really doesn’t know anything.

“You’ve changed.”

Ceres was taken aback by Cerbous response. She felt that it would be bad if Cerbous felt that he was no longer talking to his little sister.

“But, I’m glad. This way, it wouldn’t be difficult for the both of us… Particularly for you.”

He looked at Ceres with loving eyes. This could probably count as her growing up properly, right?

Ceres didn’t have a normal childhood at all. Their family was involved in constant power struggles and in constant fights and wars. Their mother died so early that Ceres didn’t experience the love and warmth of having a mother. Their father, even if he was a hero and a loving father, was constantly away and seldom meets Ceres.

Cerbous thought that if that kind of childhood continues, she wouldn’t experience how life was enjoyable. He felt that it was enough for him to be the one carrying everything. He wanted his sister to know what being alive is. That is because… It was their mother’s wish and their father’s last message.

But Ceres was different. She endured everything by herself. She never showed her real feelings and emotions. She knows how to hide them really well. Never did Cerbous saw Ceres ask for help or let a tear fall down from her eyes even if those eyes were already watery.

She quietly and silently takes in everything by herself.

However, Cerbous was her brother. How could he not know or even feel anything at all? He was the one who saw her grow up and the one who was the closest to her.

“You were different from other kids. You can easily understand everything including the feelings of the people around you. You don’t want to be a burden and you choose to suffer and take in everything even if it’s difficult and hard for someone of your age. Don’t think that you hid it well from me. I’m your brother after all. I’m the one who grew up with you and took care of you.”

Cerbous’ affectionate gaze at this moment, stung Ceres’ heart. He was clearly showing her how much he loves his little sister and Ceres was supposed to be touched and emotional.

Yet, she feels sad and her heart feels so heavy.

Aren’t you fortunate, Ceres? To have someone like this by your side? If he knew about the truth, he would definitely be heartbroken. So, can’t you just help me from that side? Tell me, why did you have to die? Why did you have to leave this person?

You are not the one who was left behind but, you were actually the one who left.

Well, isn’t this unfair? -tbc


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