Ceres: 47

“Mother only stated that there will be forces trying to kill you because that is the last message she received and right when you were born.”

Forces trying to kill Ceres, huh? But Ceres is already dead. Does that mean that these forces would stop already? So… Can I live peacefully now?

Then again, I have a rare attribute. This still doesn’t ensure a quiet life for me, Ceres thought.

“For people to try and kill you, I first concluded that it was because you possess a rare attribute. However, the moment you tested your magic attribute, it was not the case. And also, I was relieved when I saw that you don’t have one.”

Cerbous sighed and looked at Ceres once more.

“I’m sorry. I know that I shouldn’t be saying that but, I can only feel you’ll be safer if you live normally.”

Come on, man. How would Ceres live normally if you and father are exceptional while she was a trash? This is what Ceres thought at that moment.

“But knowing that you were killed even though you didn’t have any attribute still makes sense with all those that mother had said. You will still be hunted. We just don’t know if it was even a person or just a natural occurrence.”

Cerbous have a point. If the heavenly laws wanted Ceres dead, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a person. It could be anything.

However, Ceres was supposed to meet the third prince on the day she was killed.

I probably shouldn’t tell him about that because he might go to that prince and cause ruckus. Now that I know there are more mysterious things behind Ceres and me, I should solve them one at a time. Regarding how Ceres died, it is better to ask that stupid childhood friend than this brother of mine.

The remaining questions now are: 1. how did Ceres end up at the Heaven and Earth’s End; 2. if the previous Ceres was the target, is she now safe, and; 3. why do the heavens even want Ceres dead?

 “Big brother, I have another question.”

Cerbous nodded as if saying that she can ask anything.

“My master told me that my spiritual body was damaged before I took the magic attribute test. Do you have any recollection of how? I can’t really remember anything. Is it perhaps while I was still in mother’s womb? Or is it also heavenly laws acting against me?”

“I know that mother did have a complication while you were still in her womb but… She never told us anything about your spiritual body being damaged. Maybe it really is part of the complicated pregnancy she had… I’m not sure…”

Cerbous placed one of his hands on his chin. He seems to be recollecting some memories.

“But… I did feel that you have magic inside you. I just didn’t test it out before you were five. You were always watching me train, anyway… Or, could it be… That stupid prince?”

“…The third prince? What about him?”

Who among the princes of Winsterein kingdom is Ceres close to? Of course, that stupid childhood friend! But, based on Ceres’ memories, they were only close and she didn’t recall anything unusual with him.

So it all comes to down to him again. Now I’m more hype to ask that guy about everything he needs to tell me.

“You don’t remember? Ever since that prince came by, he was always sticking to you. Whenever he sneaks into our mansion, it is always to look for you. He sometimes even asks you to accompany him. Those were the only moments that I can think of about something happening to you.”

Hearing those words, why do I suddenly feel that something was missing? Does it really have anything to do with that stupid childhood friend?

“Huh? Wait, you don’t remember anything? Anyway, maybe it doesn’t even have to do with him. Both of you were young and would only like to play outside. Even escaping a lot of his guards was fun for the both of you. But, I’ve never once forgotten to tell you that that prince is a bad influence. You just don’t listen to me. Anyway, don’t ever go near him again more so right now that his status is critical for the kingdom.”

Both you and that stupid childhood friend are bad influence and bad for Ceres!

If Old Na can’t even stop Ceres from doing what she wants, how can Cerbous do the same with his level of power and influence?

Ceres thought that one of the ways to know more answers is to definitely ask that stupid childhood friend. However, the crucial thing to keep in mind is how can she ask if she is already dead?

“Big brother, can you ask him if he remembers anything at all? Maybe it will help me overcome my fate.”

“Overcome your fate?”

“Yes. I don’t plan on dying anyway. I might as well become strong. Before, I was only going to train so as to not make you worry and also, to prevent people from harming me. Now that I know it is the heaven that is planning to harm me, I might as well go against them. I don’t believe that I can’t overcome this destiny. I will definitely find a way to live and survive.”

Of course, Cerbous was stunned. His little sister was never the type to be this headstrong. However, his eyes were still looking at her with such love and care. He knew that maybe, it really was tough for her to know of everything and it was even after she was assassinated.

“I understand. But, promise your big brother that no matter what, keep your safety as your first priority. I will also help you overcome that destiny; I will also seek answers on how. Only… If you really can’t do anything and you find yourself too tired, that’s also alright; just look for me and we will face it together, okay?”

Cerbous once again stroke her hair. He really is such a role model for big brothers, Ceres thought.

Cerbous wanted to know more about Ceres and what happened after he left the mansion. Ceres has to lie about a lot of things particularly about those that happened after she was killed. Although Cerbous was furious with everyone in the Ellion family, Ceres reminded him to not mind anything at all. She also told him that maybe it was part of the heavenly laws and all. Lies, lies, lies, Ceres is good at it, huh?

They were chatting happily when suddenly, a sound transmission was sent to the both of them. Old Na and Black Dragon are telling them to come over and bid farewell already.

Cerbous reluctantly ended their conversation and they both walked towards where Black Dragon is located.


Gil was currently meditating inside a room of an inn when a voice sounded in his mind. This disrupted his meditation and even though it wasn’t serious, he coughed out blood for some reason.

When he opened his eyes, he saw his master leaning on a wall in front of him.


Gil immediately kneeled, not daring to look at the man in front of him.

“You did well leaving her side.”

One can feel a strong killing intent with only hearing those words. Gil was not different. He was internally injured and now, continuously suffering from the pressure.

Gil didn’t answer. He knew his master’s temper and if he answered, it will only bring more trouble for him.

After some seconds, for some unknown reasons, Gil felt his heart being clenched by a hand. This grip on his heart is becoming tighter and tighter as seconds flew by. His breathing was slowing down and it was hard to keep on kneeling but, he still persisted.

Suddenly, he felt that everything was back to normal except for the sufferings he gained. He panted heavily and almost fell yet, he never dared to.

“Ceres is kind but, I’m not. Though it was a light punishment, you have to always keep that in mind. Never leave her particularly if I’m not by her side.”

Gil lowered his head more, even touching the floor.

“I understand, master.”

His master only nodded.

“She will soon come. Tell them to rest for a day here. I want to talk to her.”

Gil can only say yes and then, his master disappeared once more. -tbc


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