Ceres: 48

Old Na stood up as soon as he saw Ceres and Cerbous walking inside the room. He looked at Black Dragon before saying,

“Old friend, it has been a long time since we manage to catch up. But, you already know. We need to leave immediately. Thank you.”

Black Dragon also stood up and placed his arms across his chest.

“We’re already old yet, the mundane world still has to trouble us in ways we can’t imagine. I wish you a safe life.”

After those words were said, both of the old men smiled. In this kind of world, they never knew if this would be their last meeting or not. They have lived longer than most people and thus, few words and gestures can already convey what they meant.

Cerbous and Ceres seeing the two old men bidding farewell to each other knew that they should too.

Cerbous faced his sister and Ceres did the same to him.

“Always remember my words. Come look for me. Okay?”

Then, Cerbous hugged Ceres. It was so tight that it seems like he doesn’t want her to leave.

Ceres, even though she wasn’t the real one, felt that having such a kind and loving brother was not bad. Somehow, she unconsciously lifted her hands and tugged his clothes on his waist.

“I will.”

Cerbous let go and stroke her hair for the last moment.

“Take care.”

Ceres can only nod. Somehow, words can’t escape her mouth.

She actually wanted to spend some more time knowing this big brother she met for the first time. She wanted to say a lot of things. But, she knows she shouldn’t and she couldn’t. She wasn’t Ceres in the first place. What right does she have?

She can only say the words…

“You, too, should take care.”

Right after she spoke those words to Cerbous, she went forwards and faced Black Dragon.

She respectfully bowed to the ancestor of Soaring Dragon.

“Thank you very much for allowing me to meet my brother. This favor will forever be kept in my heart.”

Black Dragon didn’t say anything and only coughed and nodded. Old Na seeing his disciple being this grateful and respectful was of course glad.

Old Na walked towards Ceres and when he was near her, he glanced at Cerbous. The former smiled while the latter respectfully bowed.

Then, Ceres looked back at Cerbous once more and waved her hand. Old Na walked towards the room’s exit while Ceres followed. They slowly disappeared into nothingness.

Cerbous, almost forgetting that he was in the ancestor’s place, hastily kneeled in front of Black Dragon.

“This student greets the ancestor and thanks the ancestor for the huge favor. This student will forever be loyal to the school until his last breathe leaves him.”

Black Dragon sat back and tapped his finger on the table.

“One who cannot forget about his roots can either make that an inspiration or devastation.”

Cerbous knew what the ancestor is talking about.

“Do you want to become my disciple?”

Cerbous cannot help but be surprised at what the ancestor said. Becoming the ancestor’s disciple is what everyone in the school wanted to be more than anything. Even his current master, Ryujin, was not the ancestor’s disciple.

“I say this because you will need my teachings for the future. I hope that you will do your utmost to protect the school. That is my only wish.”

Cerbous wanted to kneel immediately but he remembered that Ryujin was still his master. Of course, the hesitation in his actions was seen by Black Dragon.

“I already sent a message to that brat Ryujin. He agreed. However, everything still depends on you. Whether you like it or not, whether you’ll survive it or not, it’s all entirely up to you.”

Upon hearing those words, Cerbous immediately kowtowed in front of Black Dragon.

“This student pays respects to master.”

When Old Na and Ceres walked towards the exit of Black Dragon’s place, they were clearly still in the school grounds of Soaring Dragon. However, when they stepped out of the room, they were brought outside of the school barrier. Ceres immediately saw the two guards who assisted them to get inside the school.

Old Na continuously walked and Ceres only followed. But, she didn’t forget the send Gil a transmission that they are on their way to Kanster city. When Old Na and Ceres left the city, it was early morning. The time they spent on Soaring Dragon lasted until the afternoon. Even though night would come soon, they still continued to travel towards the city with Holly.

The two arrived in Kanster city in the middle of the night. Sending a sound transmission to Gil enabled Gil to prepare beforehand and welcome them with available rooms.

Old Na told Ceres that she could rest until tomorrow. He would call for her if they needed to go. With that, the three passed the night in the inn quietly.

Even though Ceres’ sleep was not enough, she didn’t forget her daily training routine and meditation. She woke up early and was surprised to see Gil kneeling in front of her room’s door.

“Master has arrived in the city and wanted you to stay for one more day. Ma—”

“I understand. I will tell the old man that I needed more rest.”

Ceres understood that the mysterious person wanted to talk to her. Also, she understood that his existence might be something that would trouble Old Na so she cannot tell the old man about him. The day went by without any problem. When Old Na asked Ceres if they could go already, the latter only said that she needs to rest for a bit more. Old Na didn’t bother and only thought that maybe Ceres was troubled when she met Cerbous.

One’s mind and heart needed to tranquility in order to advance his training. -tbc


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