Ceres: 49

That night, the mysterious man appeared once more in Ceres’ room.

“I’m glad you’ve waited for me.”

The mysterious man smiled as soon as he saw Ceres.

Ceres was sitting near a table and drinking tea. She waited for the man to appear because she knew that he would.

The mysterious man sat across Ceres. He grabbed the tea pot and decided to pour tea to both his and Ceres’ tea cups.



The mysterious man stopped pouring tea when Ceres suddenly spoke.

“I didn’t get your name last time.”

“So you want to know my name…”

Ceres only nodded even though she wanted to talk back. Why would she even ask in the first place if she didn’t want to know?

He continued pouring tea to the cups and when he was done, he lifted one cup and drank the tea.

“This is really your favorite, huh? I’m starting to love this one.”

Ceres didn’t speak and only stared at the man across her. She was only asking his name, why can’t he tell her? Or even a false name would do at this situation, right?

“If you keep on staring at me like that, I might not be able to resist eating you.”

Ceres shivered and immediately looked away.

If there’s one thing about Ceres that the mysterious man can’t take, it is her eyes. He loved it. Those eyes of hers that sparkles and glistens even though there are no tears are his favorite of all. He might even be able to live without caring for other things if he can indulge himself with her gaze.

“My name is something that you shall remember in time. You have to remember it on your own because it would be meaningless if I say it instead.”

He placed his tea cup on the table and quietly stared at Ceres who was looking on the floor.

Ceres was perplexed at his statement. Remember his name? Did he tell her before? If he did… Does he know that she has missing memories? To what extent does this guy knew her?

“You have a lot of questions for me aside from my name. That is certainly something that I know. But, I’m still glad that you first asked my name. This made me very, very, very happy indeed. This trip is pleasing.”

“I asked because you saved me before. I don’t know anything about you but you know me… That is quite… Unfair.”

The mysterious man softly laughed. He was amused. As to what amused him, we will only know in the future.

“Do you think everything in this world is fair?”

Ceres felt his gaze. She looked at him only to see the man looking at her, too.

The mysterious man suddenly stood up and walked towards Ceres. He stopped in front of her and his gaze not leaving her.

Ceres didn’t feel any danger as she really never did whenever she’s with him. Although it’s like that, she still wanted to get away from him but she wasn’t able to move from her spot. It still comes down to the difference in their powers.

Then, he reached out to her hair and gently caressed it.

“How many times did his gaze land on you? How many times did he touch your hair or your hand? How many times did he hug you? Tell me, princess.”

He suddenly grabbed one of her hand and pulled her close to him. He whispered to her ears,

“I am the only person allowed to do those things.”

Ceres felt something warm from his hand. It went inside her through her hands and made her abruptly pull away from him. She felt there was some kind of energy flowing in her blood and then, it disappeared.

Before she could take a step back, he immediately pulled her hand and enclosed her with his arms.

“What did you—”

“Allow me to hold you for a while.”

Although she wanted to fight back, she couldn’t. How selfish of the mysterious man to not give her at least some personal space.

When she felt that his tight hug was loosening, she thought that she would be able to move once more but never did she know that the mysterious man was bold enough to make another move on her!

“…It’s not enough.”

He brought up her chin and unexpectedly sealed her lips with his.

Ceres’ eyes were wide open and she could see his closed eyes and knitted brows.

The nerve of this guy!

He was even sucking her lips like he owns it and she can never voice out any opinion on the matter. Still, how can he look like that?

He wasn’t satisfied? He was the one violated? What kind of expression is that?

When he was about to pry open her lips with his tongue, Ceres was able to finally let out a soft groan. This made his senses come back. He gently let go of Ceres and made her sit down on the chair while he half-knelt on the floor in front of her.

He wasn’t looking at her but instead he had his head lowered and his half-tied hair was flowing down.

“That was close.”

Before Ceres could even speak up for herself, the mysterious man finally looked at her. His eyes were lovingly staring at her; seemingly asking for forgiveness.

“Forgive me, my princess, for I can’t seem to properly control myself when it comes to you.”


He reached out to her hand but she hid both her hands behind her back.

“I seem to have disappointed my princess.”

Ceres looked away. She knew that no matter what she does, she wouldn’t be able o escape the man in front of her. If he does things that she can’t take, she wouldn’t be able to fight back. This shows how weak she is compared to him. But of course, she doesn’t want to go down without a fight.

“You saved my life but it doesn’t mean that this life belongs to you.”

She was grateful to him in many ways but she didn’t ask for all of those things in the first place. She knew that this man saved Ceres. That is why when the man says that he owes his life to her, it doesn’t mean to the current her but to the previous Ceres.

“I never did once say that you belong to me.”

The mysterious man pulled back his hand and continued half-kneeling in front of her.

“Your life is yours and that is also why I can only help you.”

Ceres was still looking away. This made the man surrender.

“Princess, please look at me. Can you please forgive me? I won’t do anything unnecessary anymore. Just please… Look at me.”

She felt the pleading in his voice and also, the gaze that never once left her.

In her previous life, she was considered to be heartless. But, truth be told, she was not. And against this man in front of her, she feels that she really isn’t.

Ceres turned her head and finally looked at him.

The mysterious man stood up. He leaned and grabbed Ceres’ hand that was hiding behind her.

“I thought that you—”

“This is necessary to seal this promise.”

“What promise?”

“Princess, I will always protect you. I am the only one capable to protect you. Please, don’t ignore me. Don’t hate me.”

He gently kissed her hand and something inside her stirred. -tbc

A/N: I once again placed this note on the file itself but only to remind myself. This chapter shall be the last chapter I will post for the supposedly scheduled chapters 46-50. Chapter 50 shall be posted along with chapters 51-55. Why? Because I feel like this chapter is an ‘okay’ cliffhanger instead of posting another chapter. I feel like anyone can go on for some time without needing the next chapter. That is all. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading! 😀

Another one, I was planning on not going online for a couple of days that’s why I felt this cliffhanger was more suited than chapter 50. But, who knows? Maybe I’ll break that plan of mine.


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