Ceres: 49

That night, the mysterious man appeared once more in Ceres’ room. “I’m glad you’ve waited for me.” The mysterious man smiled as soon as he saw Ceres. Ceres was sitting near a table and drinking tea. She waited for the man to appear because she knew that he would. The mysterious man sat across Ceres. … Continue reading Ceres: 49


Ceres: 48

Old Na stood up as soon as he saw Ceres and Cerbous walking inside the room. He looked at Black Dragon before saying, “Old friend, it has been a long time since we manage to catch up. But, you already know. We need to leave immediately. Thank you.” Black Dragon also stood up and placed … Continue reading Ceres: 48

Ceres: 47

“Mother only stated that there will be forces trying to kill you because that is the last message she received and right when you were born.” Forces trying to kill Ceres, huh? But Ceres is already dead. Does that mean that these forces would stop already? So... Can I live peacefully now? Then again, I … Continue reading Ceres: 47

Ceres: 46

Cerbous can’t leave the baby Ceres alone. He doesn’t trust that much people in the mansion. That’s why, even though Ceraph called for him, Cerbous brought the baby Ceres with him. Ceraph was a loving husband and father but he can never show his love that easily. The moment he saw the baby Ceres on … Continue reading Ceres: 46

Ceres: 45

Cerbous turned his face away from Ceres and looked at the lake instead. “Mother didn’t die right after you were born. She died two days after you were born.” Ceres was indifferent with this knowledge because she doesn’t recall this from the previous Ceres’ memories. She was also interested in this new information and was … Continue reading Ceres: 45

Ceres: 44

Out of a sudden, Cerbous felt his heart calm down. Along with this, his emotions and spirit essences became stable. His little sister is really the only one he treasures in this world and the only one who can easily affect him. Both of them knew about this. Ceres didn’t want to affect Cerbous’ training … Continue reading Ceres: 44

Ceres: 43

When the young Cerbous went with his master to Soaring Dragon, that was the start of when Ceres was all alone by herself. She had no one to call family in the Ellion household. Although Arcyl doesn’t make things difficult for her, he also didn’t bother that much with what is happening inside the house. … Continue reading Ceres: 43

Ceres: 42

A young Ceres and Cerbous were standing in front of the graves of their parents. The former was shaking and she was holding onto the arm of her brother. “Fa... Ther...?” Cerbous felt the hands of his little sister trembling. She was also forcing herself not to cry. At such a young age, Cerbous knew … Continue reading Ceres: 42

Ceres: 41

“You’re crazy! Why did you take in a disciple? What will you impart with her anyway? Are you getting tired of living alone and decided to just randomly take a disciple? B*llsh*t! Or are you really trying to get on my nerves?” The three are currently inside Black Dragon’s courtyard. They are all sitting around … Continue reading Ceres: 41

Ceres: 40

Right after passing through the tree, Ceres saw another forest. The only difference between this forest and the one outside the school is that there is a clear stone path leading towards the school’s main area. Old Na and Ceres didn’t talk much along the way. Old Na explained some things about the school to … Continue reading Ceres: 40