If a tree in a forest falls, will you remember it?

In the quiet town of Los Baños*, there is an old saying that if one wanders in the mountain with a pure heart, he will be able to see a beautiful woman dancing with the wind or playing with the animals. The woman’s name is the same as that of the mountain. She was an … Continue reading If a tree in a forest falls, will you remember it?


The Forgotten Witch

There was once a witch who lived in the middle of the forest. It is said that she gained immortality through eating human souls. In simpler terms, she kills humans. One night, a guy came to her doorsteps. He looked so tired with his disheveled hair and dirty clothes. He was only able to knock a … Continue reading The Forgotten Witch


…In my dream, I took him away from his world. He was just a child back then. I didn’t know why no one was approaching him. I kept on wondering if it is because he was not my blood brother. At first, I didn’t care because we never had any contact at all. He wasn’t … Continue reading Owned