If a tree in a forest falls, will you remember it?

In the quiet town of Los Baños*, there is an old saying that if one wanders in the mountain with a pure heart, he will be able to see a beautiful woman dancing with the wind or playing with the animals. The woman’s name is the same as that of the mountain. She was an … Continue reading If a tree in a forest falls, will you remember it?


The Forgotten Witch

There was once a witch who lived in the middle of the forest. It is said that she gained immortality through eating human souls. In simpler terms, she kills humans. One night, a guy came to her doorsteps. He looked so tired with his disheveled hair and dirty clothes. He was only able to knock a … Continue reading The Forgotten Witch

Love in Limelight: 1st Curtain Call

When you gain something, you lose something in return. That is how this industry works. That is how the world she got herself into works. That was the start of this story and probably the end, too. When the person you love is on the verge of breaking down… How will you save her? When … Continue reading Love in Limelight: 1st Curtain Call


Lihim na Paghihintay

Sa tuwing magtatagpo ang aming mga tingin, ako ang unang umiiwas. Kung hindi ako titingin sa ibang direksyon, ipinipikit ko ang aking mga mata ng ilang segundo. Sa mga sandaling iyon, inaalala ko ang nakalipas at kasabay ng ngiting mabubuo sa aking mga labi ay ang patak ng luhang kusang babagsak mula sa aking mga mata. Gusto … Continue reading Lihim na Paghihintay


To That Other Side

It’s hard to pretend to be strong. It’s hard to stop your tears from falling. It’s hard to try and forget everything. It’s hard to be left alone. When I close my eyes, all I can see is her; all I can hear is her; all I can remember is her. She was my true … Continue reading To That Other Side



…In my dream, I took him away from his world. He was just a child back then. I didn’t know why no one was approaching him. I kept on wondering if it is because he was not my blood brother. At first, I didn’t care because we never had any contact at all. He wasn’t … Continue reading Owned


Secret Music Piece

"Someday… Your music will bring happiness to someone." My mom once said those words which were carved into my heart. I was holding on to them so tight that I got blinded by the fantasy, never knowing it was just a slip of the mouth. She was the one who taught me how to play … Continue reading Secret Music Piece