–Please do not claim any of these works. Thank you. Any resemblance to a person, animal, place, thing, or whatsoever is purely coincidence. Have fun and enjoy reading!–

One-shots / Short Stories:

Secret Music Piece : Online / PDF

Owned : Online / PDF

To That Other Side : Online / PDF

The Forgotten Witch : Online / PDF

Lihim na Paghihintay : Online / PDF

Writings on the Greenhouse : Online / PDF

If a tree in a forest falls, will you remember it? : Online / PDF

Dream : Online / PDF

A Touch of Happiness : Online / PDF


My Number Zero Fan :

The Seaside Story : PDF

Love in Limelight :

LL-1st Curtain Call : Online / PDF

LL-2nd Curtain Call : PDF

LL-Final Curtain Call : PDF

There’s a Good in Goodbye : PDF

Droplets from the Sky :

Alamat ng Isang Mahikero : Panimula (Online)

Just Like Snowflakes : PDF

Dakila : Panimula (Online)

Ceres : Prologue (online)

Behind Those Eyes: