Ceres: 39

Ceres, Gil, Old Na, and Old Pang were discussing some matters again near the ever-blooming plum tree. “We will leave tonight. Did you pack your things already?” Ceres nodded. Gil didn’t have to answer. Old Pang was silently sipping his tea. “Before anything else, we will go to Soaring Dragon first. But, Gil must not … Continue reading Ceres: 39


Ceres: 38

Dotrald was currently standing beside his son’s bed. His son, Danilo, is still unconscious. “Sir general, we must immediately find a spirit healer for your son. I can heal his physical injuries but for the spiritual body, I can’t tell how damage it is.” Dotrald knew that the injuries of his son were severe. He … Continue reading Ceres: 38

Ceres: 36

The masked person stood up and walked towards Yunoki. As soon as he was near Yunoki, he stopped for a few seconds before he waved one of his hands. Silver blurs dash out from his sleeves and went straight into Yunoki’s heart. He was still numb and couldn’t feel that something is currently embedded in … Continue reading Ceres: 36

Ceres: 35

Currently, in the study room of Dwight Winsterein, he is listening to one of his subordinates report. “…The first prince is currently on the move and teaching the brats of the Ellion family. Also, the Hunts family is on the verge of breaking down. The Tanumo family said that Liuis Hunts will only last for … Continue reading Ceres: 35

Ceres: 34

“Where is Cerbous? Did he come out of his room?” Ryujin asked a middle-aged man standing in front of him. He is busy sorting out some documents and called out this middle-aged man to know Cerbous’ situation. This is also the same man that saw Cerbous come out of his closed door training: Gol. Gol … Continue reading Ceres: 34

Ceres: 33

“Yes, hire me. I’ll give your enemies the bitter taste of revenge.” Ceres didn’t look like she was joking. At the moment, Orion can’t help but be confused. Gil, on the other hand, looked like it was nothing. Deep inside, he was worried about the princess. Ceres brought out a small bottle and placed it … Continue reading Ceres: 33

Ceres: 32

“It’s really a surprise that the legendary Time Mage would visit our humble school.” A middle-aged man came into the room dressed in azure scholarly clothes. He sat across Old Na who was drinking tea. The middle-aged man is the current headmaster of Soaring Dragon and also the master of Cerbous, Ceres’ brother: Ryujin Castern. … Continue reading Ceres: 32

Ceres: 31

Ceres took out a box of needles from her sleeves along with a fine thread and a dagger. The needles, thread, and dagger were cleaned with some liquid from her space bag and placed on top of the fire before setting them aside. Before proceeding with the operation, she have already gathered and channeled spirit … Continue reading Ceres: 31